3 Nutrition Rules For Fitness


If you are the fitness club frequenter it is very important to stick to the certain nutrition rules. Remember that properly selected nutrition rules combined with moderate physical activity can do marvels.

Skillfully selected fitness way of nutrition will help to get the highest results, while unhealthy diet can lead to the serious health harm and cancel out all your fitness efforts. Thus I’d like to call your attention to our 3 rules for nutrition fitness Follow them and stay healthy!

Nutrition fitness rule # 1. Managing Your Time
One of the most fundamental rules of fitness nutrition is not to overeat at night. It is not right to miss breakfast, to have just a snack for lunch and have a substantial meal for dinner. The bad habit of starving for the whole day leads to hormonal disorder. Moreover, when you are hungry blood sugar level decreases that leads to hypomyotonia (decreased muscle tone), prostration and low spirits. Well, now talk about fitness exercises! Thus if you want to get good fitness results such as sculpted body, health, and weight loss, then your dinner should be the lightest meal.

Actually, it is recommended to eat smaller portions more often. Due to such a nutrition plan you won’t let your body accumulate fat depot and your blood sugar level would come to normal. If you can’t eat more often then make a rule to eat a half of your daily ration before noon.

Nutrition fitness rule # 2. Eat Protien
If you are going in for sports than you need strong muscles, and strong muscles necessarily means protein! But it is important to eat protein regularly. if you prefer morning workouts, then eat no less than a half of your daily ration protein the night before; eat the same amount of protein in the morning if you are going to exercise during the lunchtime. And the peculiarity of evening fitness exercises is that you should eat protein before workout and after it too.

Nutrition fitness rule # 3. Drink Water
You should drink no less than 3 liters of water per day to provide your body activity. Don’t forget also about carbohydrate supply, special carbohydrate drinks will help you support your physical activity. Bananas and apples are as well a great source of carbohydrates.


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