7 Best High Technology Sports Equipments


Time was when sports equipment was made only from common, everyday, low technology materials wood, cowhide and pigskin.

No more,though.Today’s bats, balls, clubs, and shoes have a new high technology ingredient. Silicon, in the form of microcontrollers, accelerometers, gyroscopes, transceivers, and memory chips, has joined the sports equipment domain. The new technology enables players to hone their game by gathering data on speed, power, and form, among many other metrics.
now here are 10 best sports equipment technologies.

1. Zepp Golf 2

For golfers wanting to improve their swing, the 3D swing analysis of the original Zepp Golf proved a fantastic training aid. Creating a follow up to one of the best sporting wearables on the market wouldn’t have been an easy task, but Zepp returns with the Zepp Golf 2. Featuring a new design and the addition of a training program, this is more than a worthy successor.

2. Easton Power Sensor

The Easton Power Sensor slips over the knob of any baseball or softball bat and has been designed to capture highly accurate swing metrics and deliver advanced performance analysis. Weighing in at just 7.7 grams, the Easton Power Sensor utilizes Bluetooth wireless technology to capture and store a wide range of 3D data, including time to contact, swing speed, energy transfer, bat path, power, overall efficiency and much more.  All of these factors combine to provide a player with their Blast Factor, a 1-100 score that shows a player’s overall swing performance and is a simple way to compare and coach proper mechanics.

3. Wilson X Connected Basketball
Shoot some hoops as you analyze data, track your progress and improve your game with the Wilson X Connected Basketball, which features a built in smart sensor that pairs with the Wilson X App via Bluetooth® connectivity. The high performance microfiber composite material offers great grip and control, while the Cushion Core carcass combines sponge and standard rubber to deliver a soft touch.

Features and Benefits
  • Cushion Core carcass combines sponge and standard rubber to deliver a soft touch
  • High performance microfiber composite material offers great grip and control
  • Laid in channels provide a 100% composite surface for an enhanced feel
  • Wilson X exclusive cross channel panel configuration
  • Attachment free smart ball with Make Miss Technology to track shooting stats, gamify training and help improve your game
  • Wilson X App also delivers real time, in-game audio such as crowd noise, clock countdowns, horns and other realistic sounds
  • Battery runs for over 100,000 shots
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Built in smart sensor pairs with the Wilson X App via Bluetooth® connectivity to track shooting stats so you can analyze data, track your progress and improve your game
  • 4 game modes, including Free Range use real game situations to help you train

4. Blast basketball

Basketball Replay” to locate app and download. Once Blast Basketball Replay is downloaded, you can setup a new account and pair the sensor. When setup is completed you are ready to use the app.

Using the Blast Motion Sensor

The highly accurate advanced 3D motion capture sensor works in three different modes while it captures, analyzes and displays your actions.

The Blast sensor performs best when it is within 5 yards of the iOS device and is not blocked by human interference. The antenna may work up to 10-20 yards in certain circumstances, but the progress bar may be delayed and the connection may be lost. The sensor captures actions even when it is out of range of the device. The sensor stores captured actions until the user reconnects to the app. At that time, the stored action data is uploaded and available for viewing.

5. The XR 16 Pro Driver

We worked with the aerodynamics experts at Boeing to reach a completely new threshold of ball speed in a deeper face. We made this a high head speed design with low drag in a 450cc head, and we did it by pinpointing the size and placement of our re-engineered shape and a lighter Speed Step Crown to save weight and add more ball speed. And with lower spin and a more neutral CG bias, XR Pro 16 is built for the distance and workability that better players are looking for.

6. Basketball shotTracker

ShotTracker is comprised of a net sensor, wrist sensor and app. All three pieces work together via BLE to track your shot attempts, makes and misses. Everyone shoots differently from beginning ballers to the pros. ShotTracker uses this uniqueness to create personal shooting profiles for you.

7. Under Armour speedform gemini 2 running shoes

Just like the rest of Under Armour’s new connected fitness products, the Speedform Gemini 2 RE shoes are extremely simple to set up. Interestingly, the branding of the shoes leads you astray a bit. Though these are “Record Equipped”, you don’t pair them with UA Record, and instead get started by pairing them with the Map My Run app. (Under Armour acquired Map My Run in 2013).

Simply shake the right shoe around a little (or walk down a hallway for a minute) to get the motion sensor detecting your movements, and in seconds you’ll pair the shoes over Bluetooth in Map My Run. And that’s it. Going forward, the shoes will now auto connect to your phone whenever they detect motion again, and if Map My Run is open they will sync up for completed or upcoming runs.

Of course this all requires that you’re using Map My Run for your run tracking, which may be considered an issue for some, but as far as locking you into one app goes this is one of the better options. Map My Run is well-regarded as one of the top apps for runners, and the app as a whole offers tremendous value above and beyond just linking up with your new connected running shoes.





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