5 Fruits Proven To Boost Metabolism


The best way to lose weight is to count your calorie intake and reduce how many calories you are eating in a day. You can also improve weight loss by giving your metabolism a boost. Metabolism is what controls how many calories your body burns throughout the day. Boosting your metabolism will help you burn more calories in a day so you can increase how many calories you intake.

There are lots of fruits that can boost your metabolism, they are very low in calories and can be very filling. Today were going to go over five of the best fruits you can eat to boost metabolism.

Have a Bowl of Watermelon, Or Two!

Any type of melon is great for your metabolism but watermelon are at the top of the list. A lot of people stay away from melons in fear of them having a vast amount of sugar. This may be true, but the sugar in melons is natural unlike a the sugar you will find in a cookie or a cake.

Watermelons are full of an amino acid called arginine. This amino acid improves the metabolism directly, helping you to burn far more fat throughout the day. Arginine makes sure that the weight loss is through the fat, as it helps to increase the muscle mass. This gives you another benefit since more muscle means your body burns more calories naturally!

Also, lets not forget that watermelon is also full of potassium! Potassium helps the body by giving it a boost of energy.

An Apple A Day…

Apples are the most common fruit in an everyday household. But did you know that they are amazing at boosting metabolism? Literally any type of apple will give you these benefits.

Eating apples also helps you from developing metabolic syndrome. Which is a disorder that is linked to abdominal fat, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. This illness makes your metabolism slow down greatly, causing you to burn much fewer calories during the day. Make sure to always stock up on apples and eat the right foods.

Studies have shown that eating an apple a day can reduce visceral fat (the dangerous fat around your middle) by 3.7% over the course of three years. You may not notice the difference initially, but you are putting your health first. Visceral fat surrounds your organs and prevents them working properly, affecting your metabolic health.

Apples are also packed with water and fiber! Eating apples will not only help you hydrate but supports your digestive system making it easier for your intestines to take in the nutrients for later use. Fiber is one of the hardest things for your body to digest, because of this your body will be breaking down the apple throughout the whole day causing your metabolism to increase by 10%.


Time to ignore the myths about strawberries being too sugary! This sweet savory berry is amazing for boosting your metabolism.  A fact that most people don’t know is that strawberries are loaded with vitamin C! Vitamin C encourages the body to burn more fat and gives you a ton of energy throughout the day.

Not only do strawberries boost your metabolism, they boost your immune system because they are so full of antioxidants that help your body.

Grab an Apricot!

This golden, tart fruit is packed with iron! When your body is low in iron it causes your metabolism to greatly decrease which makes it much harder to burn calories. Just eating a quarter cup of dried apricots can supply your body with almost 20% of your daily need for iron.

Switch to Blood Oranges

Time to change up your fruit bowl at home and buy some blood oranges. They are one of the least common fruits that are purchased but you shouldn’t over look these nutrient enriched fruits. Packed with vitamin C and deliciously sweet these oranges can surly satisfy sweet tooth cravings.

These fruits are great for gaining muscle mass. Having more muscle mass greatly increases your bodies natural ability to have a stronger, faster metabolism.  Blood oranges are a bit pricey though, so if you cant make the switch any citrus fruit can help you out greatly.


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