The Lifestyle Categories. Which One Do You Fit Into?


On the Run
‘On the Run’ is always in a hurry, if something has to be done it must be done as soon as possible. You have a lot of responsibility, very high expectations for yourself and others and very little patience.

Try to spend even 5 minutes a day thinking about how to calm your mind. More haste less speed means staying focused on the moment and not tomorrow. Breathe into the belly inflating it like a balloon and exhale through the nose slowly till you feel calmer and more centred. You will achieve twice as much without the ulcer!

The worrier
‘The Worrier’ worries about everything, you make mountains out of molehills. The Worrier often suffers sleepless nights as you have too much on your mind, you find it hard to relax and have low self-esteem.
Keep all things in proportion and remember you only need to take each day at a time. Make a list of your priorities and work on each one in turn.

Before you sleep listen to your breathing, if it is erratic it means your thoughts are crowding you. Relax each muscle in turn from your feet to your head telling them to release and let go. By concentrating on each task your mind has no time for other thoughts!

‘The Workaholic’ puts a career before anything else in their life including relationships, socialising and family. They work very hard, enduring long hours, as they are predominately focussed on moving up the career ladder.

Get out and give yourself at least one night a week for personal work, on your self. By the self I mean the inner world that you have little time for.

The inner world gives you a perspective on the things that really matter, like your long time investment in your happiness. Happiness is a way of finding contentment in life not easily found. Something like a local yoga class will keep you in contact with your neighbour and community and will keep in touch with grass roots.

Night owl
‘The Night Owl’ works irregular hours and finds work commitments clash with a social life. You may find yourself waking up sluggish due to irregular sleeping patterns, which can throw the body clock, out of sync. The Night Owl can easily fall into routines of eat, sleep and work, letting exercise, leisure and her social life fall by the wayside.

Ok, this is a tough one because although a lot of people work nights most of the world doesn’t. But you know, with a little more creative effort you may be able to find an early morning yoga class that you can go to after a shift, then food then bed! You will be able to meet people like you and have some special time for yourself. You may be surprised to find there are others out there like you. A class will release tension from the body, help you detox and create a more positive energy that will see you cope with the life you lead.

World on your shoulder
‘The World on Your Shoulders’ is balancing many responsibilities including a job, family, husband, finances etc. She is very routine focussed but has very little time to herself and has a habit of putting everything before herself.

Now this is an easy one for me with all the above and more! This is where you need the ‘Head Space’ that will keep you sane. Find a short course in yoga or breathing session that will give you the confidence to practice at home if that is all the time you have. Once you have the tools of life and sanity-survival you will be a happier and nicer person to yourself and to others. If the pivotal point of the home should collapse where will the family be? Looking after your health is looking after your family too. They will also respect you more than if you behave like a doormat, find time for the real you inside the mother, wife and breadwinner!

Party animal
‘The party animal’ puts his social life before anything else, he wants to have as much fun as possible before he gets too old. His job may be of great importance to him, but is secondary to his social life. Late nights and early mornings can soon begin to take their toll.
OK party animal you want to have as much fun as possible before you get old HA! Did you know that by drinking, crazy sleep patterns and smoke filled atmospheres you are getting older quicker! Alcohol ages your face destroys your liver and kidneys. Smoking creates wrinkles sooner and creates a grey tinge to your skin because of the depletion of oxygen in the bloodstream etc. etc. Then again you know all this so look into your deeper self if you dare and see what it is you are really running away from. Stop the abuse and you can still party without the aids to help your self- confidence. Tough but true I’ve been there! Find a yoga class quick!

The last minute version
‘The Last Minute man or woman excels under pressure, but leaves everything to the last minute meaning that everything has to be done at once, causing stress levels and blood pressure to increase.

You can still excel under pressure without the stress by pacing yourself.


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