Treadmills for Exercise and Pain Relief

One of the most popular types of home exercise equipment is the treadmill, which provides a straightforward, efficient aerobic workout. For many, treadmills are a good choice to begin a new exercise routine because walking is well tol
erated by most individuals regardless of fitness level and for most back conditions. As strength and endurance are developed, the treadmill can be used for jogging and/or for interval training.

Advantages to using a treadmill

  • The treadmill is a relatively easy piece of exercise equipment to use
  • The treadmill has a predictable surface that is much easier to negotiate than sidewalks, curbs or trails and the risk of tripping is reduced
  • All aspects of the workout can be controlled by the use
  • r: speed, incline, warm up period, cool down period, and energy spend
  • Generally, users can design custom programs to fit the time they have to exercise
  • Multiple users can use the same equipment without adjusting the structure
  • Some treadmills have special features such as step counters and heart rate monitors so fitness progress can be tracked
  • Running on a treadmill generally burns calories faster than most other forms of in-home exercise, such as biking
  • Users can do other things while on the
  • treadmill, such as watch television or read, which for many can help keep the exercise interesting
If getting in shape and/or losing weight are primary concerns, treadmills might be the best machine to accomplish these objectives. In a recent study comparing exercise, users who felt that they had exercised equally strenuously on bikes and treadmills actually spent 25% more calories on the treadmill. (Milwaukee VA Hospital Study) .

Disadvantages to using a treadmill

  • They can be expensive, with some models over $2500.
  • The cushioned surface of the treadmill may still inflict too much of a jarring impact on the back or stress the hip, knee, and ankle joints. Testing
  • the surface and rebound is critical.
  • They can take up a lot of space. The more sophisticated treadmills take up a fair amount of space (up to 36 inches wide by 72 inches long) and generally do not fold up.
  • Like other equipment with computerized programs and motors, maintenance of treadmills usually requires a professional.
  • Some treadmills have loud motors that interfere with other activities near the equipment.
  • Treadmills provide a limited kind of exercise – walking to running – so some people find treadmills boring after a while.

Tips for buying treadmill online

The following points are important to consider if you want to buy treadmill online:-
Research the type of model and brand you want to purchase; buying online is very difficult since you only see the picture of the machine and its description. You can’t inspect the treadmill to see whether you like it or not. To overcome this problem go to your nearest fitness shop and have feel the model you want to buy, see if you like the overall feel and it’s overall quality. If you do then buy it the exact model of the net.
  • Check the return policy before you buy anything, any online purchase of treadmill should be backed with a “no questions asked” return policy. If for whatever reason you decide that the treadmill is not right for your needs, you should have at least a 30-day option to return the machine.
  • Set your price range don’t buy more than you can’t afford. Is very tempting to buy products online as they are hundreds of different brands and models, often you end up buying expensive product that you don’t need.
  • Know what type of treadmill you want e.g. motorized/electronic or manual. Folding treadmill or non folding treadmill. Is very important to know as it determines the cost of the machine.
  • Know what type of features and inbuilt programs you want your home treadmill to have, e.g. incline, heart rate monitor and etc.
  • Most online shoppers don’t include their price range the cost of shipping, treadmills are heavy which can be costly to ship. Select a company that has had years of experience shipping freight. They will understand the most secure packing methods and will be working with a proven freight company. This will avoid the hassles and time spent returning damaged equipment.
  • Warranty is very important when purchasing expensive products such as fitness equipments, the machine might be broken during shipping or over time parts may wear out on your treadmill. Buy treadmill that comes with longer warranty period.

Making the Benefits of Home Cardiovascular Exercise Last

Elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, and treadmills are just a few kinds of home exercise equipment that can improve overall cardiovascular health and deliver physical and mental health benefits to users. Although there are a range of models and features to choose from, it is relatively easy to learn how to use each. The most difficult part of exercise is getting started, but it is important to note that most physicians and studies confirm that just 20 minutes of moderate exercise every other day can result in lasting benefits. Taking the time to find the equipment that fits in with lifestyle, exercise goals, and home environment will make those 20 minutes both an enjoyable and healthful experience.


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